Lifestyle Financial Planning

Life can sometimes be a balancing act!

What is Lifestyle Financial Planning all about?

Most financial advisers offer good, sound advice but their focus if often centred on recommending products rather than advice that can enhance clients’ lives.

Listening to financial advisers, or indeed financial journalists, debating which pension, investment or tax planning ruse is “best”, is generally not terribly exciting. Whilst the choice of the appropriate product is extremely important, this is something that happens towards the end of our comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning service.

At Financial Planning Partners we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, sound, tailored advice for individuals, centred on each person’s unique needs.

BUT that isn’t the only reason we believe that we provide out of the ordinary advice. We can help our clients to actually realise their dreams: the dream of retiring early, going on that world cruise; or visiting loved ones in Australia, helping their children financially. Without running out of money. With our help, our clients can go confidently in the direction of their dreams.

As Van Morrison sang, precious time is slipping away. What do you want to do with what time you have left on this planet? We dare to help you challenge the culture of money as the master and make sure your money works for you. We help our clients take control of their money, rather than their money controlling them. We believe that life is short and none of us knows what is round the corner, and whilst we do not advocate throwing caution to the wind, we know that a well constructed financial plan helps our clients to enjoy life to the full knowing that they will not run out of money.

We do not profess to be life coaches but we do have plenty of experience in exploring clients’ lives and attitudes around money, asking them about their day-to-day needs and their dreams, and taking account of these factors in formulating a financial plan.

This isn’t something we say we will do, it is something we have done for many years, and will continue to do. Many of our clients have retired early; now fly business class rather than economy, having realised they can afford to; have far more holidays than they thought possible; or do other really cool stuff as a result of our advice. We really do make a difference.